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The Hallowe'en Bash [26 Oct 2003|09:10pm]
[ mood | awake ]

We got there at 6:00 and I waited around until 6:20 for Natasha to get there! when she got there we went in... The charge was $5 at the door.. Some bands that were playing were: Fifth Helena, The New Cause, Madigan, and D.M.C, the first few bands were kinda lame and first band was just bad but for some insane reason I liked it, the second band (Ghosts of something or other) had a bad drummer, seriously I could drum better than this guy! and I can't like a band with a bad drummer it just sucks! I liked them but I dunno about the drummer! Anyway, the thrid band had Dan from Steel in it! THEY were GREAT! I believe the singer was from the Dig also... THEN The New Cause were up 4th! Sooooo Awesome! even though they've only been away from Martin for a short while they still had plenty of great songs! Tim was going insane on his bass jumping all over the place. They brought Travis out the sing System of a Down's Toxicity which was also AWESOME!! Travis can scream real good! lol! The new guy was genuinely impressive, I went in with a skeptical attitude about The New Cause because I couldn't comprhend Tim, Matt and Shane playing without Andrew but when I left I was surprised and impressed! I have to mention Matt, the drummer, had a Hallowe'en costume on and he looked like captian underpants!! When we asked him about it he said he didn't really know what he was either, but it was funny none the less! They did have a bit of technical difficulties with Shane's Guitar but that was easily forgotten after it was fixed and Toxicity was played! The whole show was exceptionally awesome! we left after The New Cause Played (not because we didn't want to see the other bands but because Eric was picking us up at 9:30 and it just worked out that they ended at 9:30 on the dot!) and we went home and slept and slept and slept (the show was very tiring! lol

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